Sun 18 March 2018

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Victim Support has a ‘workforce’ of mainly volunteers who are trained to support victims of crime in Bedford and surrounding villages.
The service is independent of the Police and funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and these funds are applied for annually. They are an independent charity offering free and confidential support to people affected by crime and traumatic incidents.
The help offered varies from person to person and there is no time limit to the support given. Anyone can be affected by the frightening and traumatic experience being a victim of crime can bring.
To help with this, interpreters can be provided and information is in a variety of formats.
Those seeking help can be seen in either their own home, the office, or somewhere neutral.        Help can also be offered over the telephone. It really does depend on where person feels most comfortable.
There are a variety of ways Victim Support can help:
· Personal confidential support with a specially trained person.
· Putting the individual in touch with other specialist help.
· Whilst help will be offered if the crime has not been reported, advice and support with financial issues is offered where the crime has been reported to the Police.
· Practical information to help make their home and themselves more secure and safer.
· How to report a crime, with accompanying support where necessary and requested.
·  Support for the whole family.
Victim Support can be contacted via:
Tel:     0300 30 30 165